No sex,
no penetration.
No video or photos.

Code of Conduct:

You must play with a safe word.
You must obey all rules of the Dungeon or you will be asked to leave without reimbursement.
You will only be permitted to session with onsite security present. (Not necessarily visible unless gagging is involved.)
You must respect the boundaries of your DOMINATRIX at ALL times. Respect limits.

Do not ask or coerce additional activities or you will be escorted out of the premises.


if you cancel with out 24 hours notice The Dungeon and its affiliates reserve the right to charge you a cancelation fee of 200.00 per hour that was originally Reserved, when you place a booking for a session either through this site or via the telephone you agree to these terms, this is a legally binding contract between you the "client " and the establishment! 

If we need to get a attorney invovled then you will also be liable for all legal and collection fee's involved in recovering these aggreed to fee's!

The Dungeon is a interactive full contact theatrical experience and in no way shape or form do we agree to, tolerate, or allow any sex, sexual activities. This is only for adult fun. 


By submitting your phone number on the application and reaching out to us, you are herevy consenting to recieve 

text messages from the dungeon and all of its affiliates, if you at any time want to opt out of such communicatins then all you need to do is text the word "QUIT" to 516-778-8500