Dungeon Etiquette

Etiquette for submissive clients:


Do not call from a blocked/private phone number or a VOIP or app phone
Do not mistake the booking conversation for phone sex or free internet chat.
Do not ask or hint for sex.
Do not push if She says "no" to an activity.
Do not make an appointment you can't or won't keep. Phone with sufficient notice if you need to cancel, or you will not be allowed to book a second time.
Do not ask or assume that She will do anything directly sexual, illegal, non-consensual, or unsafe.
Do not try to re-negotiate the requested tributes/donations.
Do not show up late or early.
Do not take photos in the dungeon or you will be asked to leave.


Be respectful and adhere to Our Rules whilst visiting.
Arrive washed and smelling clean.
Drink responsibly prior as well as refrain from any drug use on the premises.
Be honest about your level of experience; clearly state your interests and limits.
Choose which activities you would like to explore prior to booking.
Ask the Mistress about Her interests, areas of experience and expertise.
Ask Her politely about procedures for making an appointment; including Her hours and tributes.
Call back at your assigned confirmation time or you will lose your appointment.
Listen attentively; follow Her instructions and obey Her commands.
Please tell Her of any of your health issues before or upon entering the dungeon.

Some dungeons do not cater to clients who cannot verbally express their desired activities for the session.

Example: “Hi there Mistress, I just want to be Dominated."

This type of request will not be taken seriously. You must know what you want to get into during the session in order to book.


No sex,
no penetration.
No video or photos.

Code of Conduct:

You must play with a safe word.
You must obey all rules of the Dungeon or you will be asked to leave without reimbursement.
You will only be permitted to session with onsite security present. (Not necessarily visible unless gagging is involved.)
You must respect the boundaries of your DOMINATRIX at ALL times. Respect limits.
Do not ask or coerce additional activities or you will be escorted out of the premises.